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– I started building WordPress themes more than ten years ago, and since then WordPress, the tools we use to build it, and the web it lives on have all changed and evolved. Now it’s time to evolve the theme-building process as well. Today I want to introduce you to a whole newway of building modern WordPress themes. It’s a tool called WP Rig, which combines the best WordPress and the web platform have to offer with the latest and greatest build tools and automated processes to make your theme as light and fast as possible. WP Rig is a modern WordPress starter theme and build process bundled into one convenient package.


It helps you build WordPress themes that not only look great and provide exciting user experiences, but are also lightning fast and meet the latest web and performance standards. We created WP Rig to help you do what you do best, build feature-rich and visually stunning WordPress themes for every person who uses the web. Out of the box, you get a fully styled starter theme built for performance and maintainability. And as you work, WP Rig does all the heavy lifting of optimizing your code to meet and exceed modern best practices.

And that’s not all. WP Rig helps you write better code by checking that you follow WordPress coding standards and letting you know how to fix your code when you make mistakes. It provides current and upcoming performance best practices including lazy loading of images, in-body style sheets, conditional preloading of content, and code minification all out of the box. It ships with optional WordPress templates you can use to customize the appearance and behavior of the theme. It uses CSS grid and flexbox for modern layouts and dramatically simplified HTML markup.